Budget Plan's


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At the request of many of our heating oil customers and in an effort to make your home heating oil bill seem more like a monthly utility bill, we have designed a way for you to break up your yearly home heating oil payments.  Apple Valley Oil will begin in August its budget program for the heating oil season.  If you enroll in the budget program, you will make 10-12 easy monthly payments beginning August 1.  There are two requirements for the budget plan to work first you must have a zero balance on your account and second you must have a full tank when starting your budget. 

What is the Budget Plan?

The Budget Plan is our way of helping you control the amount of money you spend on oil during the winter months. We can eliminate the worry of paying those large unexpected heating bills by spreading out your payments evenly over a 10-12 month period.

What are some of the advantages of being a Budget Plan customer?

On average, 80% of your heating oil is purchased during 25% of the year. In other words, if your oil bill is $4,000.00 a year, $3,200.00 is paid out during a 3-month period of time.  Other advantages of the Budget Plan are:

  • Automatic Delivery

  • No risk of finance chargers

  • No surprise bills during the winter months

  • An even payment schedule

How do you arrive at my monthly payments?​

Your monthly payment is simply your total projected heating bill divided by the number of months of your plan. For example, if your projected total heating bill is $4,000.00, a 10-month plan would come to $400.00/month.